Safe Campus for Educational Institutes

Safe Campus for Educational Institutes

Eyewatch mobile security alert system provides solution to Educational institute for safe campus. Safe campus app is a mobile based personal safety application which empowers the students and faculty to raise an alert from the application when in danger and directly inform the authorised faculty/response control centre. On raising an alert the application automatically transmits distress sms to pre-defined contacts of the user and notifies the authorised faculty/response control centre, while simultaneously transmitting the location of the user along with Video/Photographs and audio data captured by the application. The application also automatically calls the pre-defined contacts or relevant designated person assigned by the user, it also intelligently tracks the user when the alert is on.

Features of Safe Campus:

  • Location & Live Tracking: Instantly displays the user location and allow for live tracking when the alert is on.
  • Audio/Video: Automatic 30 seconds pre–alert audio and post–alert 20 seconds video or 5 photographs depending on the user mobile phone.
  • Auto Call: The application can automatically call the pre-selected contacts of the user or a default number when raising an alert.
  • Critical Phone & Personal Details: The battery & network strength of the user's phone as well as the medical details can be displayed on the response control centre.
  • No Data Connection: when there is no data connection the application will still notify the pre selected contacts via sms and the moment data connection is restored, the audio/video and location data will be sent.

Safe campus can help in situations like:

  • Stalking
  • Ragging
  • Sexual assault
  • Security threat
  • Medical emergencies
  • Eve-teasing
  • Reporting malpractices
  • Submitting complaints or repair work needed within the campus

Eyewatch was launched in Visvesvaraya Technological University with the name of VTU safe campus.