Saab’s Agile Tactical Engagement Simulation (ATES) is a complete instrumented training system that can be adapted to meet the individual requirements of each specific customer. Utilising the latest GPS technology, player worn vests accurately track and record each action which is seamlessly streamed to a man portable base station. Realistic simulation of different calibre weapon systems and IED simulation support. Use of eye safe, high fidelity LASER transmitters enable most effective level of cognitive reflex testing. Evaluation can be conducted at any stage of the exercise through the man-portable base station, allowing the trainer to quickly extract key information for thorough objective review. Identifying, logging and tracking of all assets which can be reviewed for statistical quantification, engagement vectors and storing snapshots of important events as illustrative training points. The parameters for reports and event filters can be easily customised as per exercise umpire / controlling Staff requirements.


Agile Tactical Engagement Simulation (ATES)

Personal Detection Device

  • Built in GPS
  • Built in radio (near real time positioning).
  • Audio cues when wounded, "wounded right arm", "killed
  • Battery life 36 – 48 hrs.
  • Easy to use – 'Wear and Forget' system
  • LASER Detectors.
Small Arms Transmitter

Small Arms Transmitter

  • Patented LASER technology solution specially configured for CQB ensures minimum errors during training.
  • Simulates only when blanks are fired.
  • Trains players to use correct practices and experience realistic results required in different scenarios.
  • Performance Range : 1 – 1100m.


  • Identifying, logging and tracking of assets for statistical quantification and measurement of engagement vectors.
  • Enables up to 80 players at one time
  • Parameters for reports and event filters can be easily customised as per exercise umpire requirements.
  • Roving 1-3 Km range.

ATES Scalable interconnect

ATES Scalable interconnect
Exercise Scenarios
  • Room Intervention
  • Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorism Training
  • Cordon and Search
  • Harbour Security Training
  • Border Security Training
  • VIP Protection (in location/on the move)
  • MOUT Exercises
Validation of Training for
  • Special Forces.
  • Armed Forces.
  • Quick Response Teams.
  • Paramilitary
  • Police
Scalable, Agile, Rugged

Realistic simulation of all force on force tactical scenarios with all weather and all terrain capability.

Instant Debrief

Analysis and reviews are possible during the conduct stage or as After Action Reviews (AAR) for optimised training.

Data Compilation

Stores snap shots of important events as illustrative teaching parameters. Reports and event filters can be easily customised as per exercise umpire / controlling Staff requirements.

Extensive Capabilities

Only tactical training simulation system that allows seamless transition of exercise from open terrain into built up area and inside pre planned mapped and instrumented buildings in day/night scenario.

Training for Mission Preparedness

Quantification of skillset of individuals/units for course results and corrective measures. Expertise and consistency mapping of individuals for subsequent objective selection for special operations.