Eyewatch M-Governance


This is a mobile based E-Governance platform. Wherein this mobile application can be used for the purpose of registering, inspecting, verification under various government schemes and policies. This application can be used by:

  • Government Central / State Authority
  • Municipalities
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks and Financial Institute
  • Corporate and Institutes
  • Individuals

Uses of the application:

  • An applicant can be registered under various government schemes by directly uploading the applicant’s photo and identity proof which will automatically be saved on a secure server.
  • Facial recognition system can be utilized to verify the user’s identity along with other evidences.
  • Claim settlement can be reported with video /photo evidence which is geo-coded and time-stamped.
  • Land mapping can be done by using GPS coordinates in real-time for corroborating the records.
  • Progress report of the projects can be updated on daily basis with images and comments.
  • Government certificates can be filled via mobile platform which will automatically be saved on a secure server.

Benefits of Eyewatch M-Governance platform:

  • Paperless transactions.
  • Faster and hassle free work environment.
  • Everything digitalised – making records, maintaining and recall, much easier and faster.
  • Remote visual supervision.
  • Cheap and efficient.
  • Transparency on transactions.
  • Environment friendly.

Eyewatch was launched in Visvesvaraya Technological University with the name of VTU safe campus.