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Saab’s Agile Tactical Engagement Simulation (ATES) is a complete instrumented training system that can be adapted to meet the individual requirements of each specific customer. Utilising the latest GPS technology, player worn vests accurately track and record each action which is seamlessly streamed to a man portable base station. Realistic simulation of different calibre weapon systems and IED simulation support. Use of eye safe, high fidelity LASER transmitters enable most effective level of cognitive reflex testing. Evaluation can be conducted at any stage of the exercise through the man-portable base station, allowing the trainer to quickly extract key information for thorough objective review. Identifying, logging and tracking of all assets which can be reviewed for statistical quantification, engagement vectors and storing snapshots of important events as illustrative training points. The parameters for reports and event filters can be easily customised as per exercise umpire / controlling Staff requirements.

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Personal Detection Device
  • Built in GPS
  • Built in radio (near real time positioning).
  • Audio cues when wounded, "wounded right arm", "killed
  • Battery life 36 – 48 hrs.
  • Easy to use – 'Wear and Forget' system
  • LASER Detectors.
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Small Arms Transmitter
  • Patented LASER technology solution specially configured for CQB ensures minimum errors during training.
  • Simulates only when blanks are fired.
  • rains players to use correct practices and experience realistic results required in different scenarios.
  • Performance Range : 1 – 1100m.
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  • Identifying, logging and tracking of assets for statistical quantification and measurement of engagement vectors.
  • Enables up to 80 players at one time
  • Parameters for reports and event filters can be easily customised as per exercise umpire requirements.
  • Roving 1-3 Km range.
  • Realistic simulation of all force on force tactical scenarios with all weather and all terrain capability.
  • Analysis and reviews are possible during the conduct stage or as After Action Reviews (AAR) for optimised training.
  • Stores snap shots of important events as illustrative teaching parameters. Reports and event filters can be easily customised as per exercise umpire / controlling Staff requirements.
  • Only tactical training simulation system that allows seamless transition of exercise from open terrain into built up area and inside pre planned mapped and instrumented buildings in day/night scenario.
  • Quantification of skillset of individuals/units for course results and corrective measures. Expertise and consistency mapping of individuals for subsequent objective selection for special operations.
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Indigenously designed and manufactured 05 fixed rails system for AK Series provides an exceptional design that allows secure mounting of numerous mission specific accessories. It provides the best solution for mounting heavy optics, grips, lights, lasers, pods, scopes, red dot sights and other mounts.

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  • Securely mounts to weapon while effectively maintaining zero, and increasing accuracy under the most demanding conditions.
  • Rear rail is specifically designed for heavy optics.
  • Compatible with small arms of AK series.
  • Narrow and slim design for enhanced grip and handling of the firearm.
  • Extremely rugged structure and most rigid platform.
  • Unique design allows accessibility of original steel sights when optic sights are not mounted.
  • Rubber covers for transportation and storage of rails.
  • Light-weight with a combined weight of 430 gms.


Armtrac 20T Robot is a flexible, cost effective fully remote controlled Small (Heavy) Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). It has a 40 HP diesel water cooled Isuzu engine which has a radiator reversing fan to prevent the engine from overheating in dusty conditions the engine is also capable of giving a forward and reverse speed of 07 km/hr and can operate for several hours continuously without refuelling. It can be fitted with a variety of toolkits including a demining flail and rear excavator equipped with different attachments.

  • Has heavy duty rubber tracks producing a ground bearing pressure of 3 psi but can be fitted with wider tracks for softer terrain.
  • Can climb, descend and traverse 45° slopes & deep gullies.
  • UGV itself weighs 1150 Kg.
  • Remotely operated using a control station.
  • Can be fitted with video feedback from up to two on board cameras.
  • Has 1.5 mtr wide flail tool (440 Kg) which spins at 400 RPM and consists of 33 hammers and chains which can achieve clearance depths down to 150 mm depth or 200 mm in softer soil.
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Hydraulic Backhoe Excavator can be fitted onto the rear of the Armtrac 20T using a quick hitch system wherein the backhoe can attach a Grapple or a Manipulator Grab for investigating suspected EO or moving EO up to 180 Kg to a safer location for further investigation or render safe procedures. In C-IED operations, a portable X-Ray machine can be mounted on the front and an IED disruptor can be fitted on the rear arm. When fitted with a portable, real-time x-ray scanning system, the Armtrac 20T is capable of examining the inside of vehicles, including inside their boots and bonnets, remotely. The Robot can place the x-ray generator and the detector panel over the top of parked cars allowing the operator to identify a potential threat from a safe distance during route and other clearance operations. All hydraulic hoses and couplings are internationally common and as such the machine is easy to run and maintain worldwide.


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Shield Minisight

World's original, smallest, lightest, toughest mini day / night sight for all military, law enforcement and sporting small arms. With over 100,000 delivered to date, Shield’s Mini Sight has a proven track record. Shoot early with both eyes open, hit early whilst providing large peripheral vision. It continues to excel in competition shooting and self defence and is a great choice for any and all aiming needs.

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Shield CQS

The Close Quarter Sight (CQS) was developed using expertise gained whilst training, testing and manufacturing many ruggedised military products. It remains the Smallest, Lightest and Toughest in its class, allowing for “full field of view” target acquisition and parallax free shooting. The CQS red dot, reflex sight is a close relative of the Shield CQB, but with a universal mounting system.It is smaller and lighter than the competition (66g / 2.3 oz including battery), but still meets the harshest military environmental specifications.

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Shield CQB

The Close Quarter Battlesight (CQB) was developed from the Shield Mini Sight in order to provide a completely enclosed reflex sight capable of operating under the harshest military environmental conditions (see Technical Specification below). The interface was specially designed by Shield to allow the UK MOD to mount the CQB on a suite of equipment supplied within the Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) programme, including the Qioptiq FIST Thermal Sight.. The CQB is smaller and lighter than the competition, with no coloured lens coating (see photograph below), which minimises visible signature, a key factor for both military and sporting users.

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Shield SIS

Shield have taken the incredible performance and strength of their military proven red dot sight the CQB/CQS and made it even better. The fantastic performance, weight and durability have been given an extra dimension by the added convenience of 4 switchable reticules and brightness adjustment settings via the touch of a button. Now not only do their sights automatically change brightness to suit your environment but we added the simplicity of a manual mode for you to set your sight to perform in the exact conditions you require.