Banks Financial Institutions


Eyewatch mobile security alert system also provides solution to the banks and financial institutions. In collaboration with Uttar Pradesh police Eyewatch was launched with the name of Tatpar for banks and other financial institutions security and safety. Raising alert from Tatpar application will notify via text message the nearest police station, police control center and also inform emergency contact saved on the application. The data collected by the application is also sent to a centralized ERCC manned by the UP police.

Features of Tatpar:

  • On initiating an alert, automatically send the location of the user to the Emergency Response control centre (ERCC ) every 3 minutes.
  • On initiating an alert the application automatically records video of 20 seconds and sends thereafter continuously records and sends audio loop of 30 seconds until the alert is deactivated.
  • When an alert is raised the distress text message (SMS) goes to the nearest police station in the vicinity of the user.
  • User is displayed on the map with tracking capability.
  • The user can view the nearest 3 police station along with the telephone numbers in the Tatpar application.