ISL is now the National Strategic Partner (NSP) of Herta Security, a leader in development of cutting edge Face Recognition based security solutions.

In the past, the use of face recognition technology was limited to government entities and large-scale enterprises.

ISL brings power of Face Recognition to retailers, commercial / residential properties, transportation, law enforcement agencies and corporates. ISL's face recognition solution matches live images with the face of an individual, in an existing database of faces, thereby enhancing the security of the organisation.

Facial Recognition System

Transportation Hubs

Airport, Railway stations and other transportation hubs are prime locations which need enhanced security. The high footfall makes it difficult for security agencies to monitor and identify every commuter. ISL's face recognition solution makes the task easier by identifying wanted individuals and alerting the security in a matter of seconds. Apart from assisting as a security tool the solution can also be used effectively by various organisations for enhancing the customer experience of frequent travelers, etc.

Commercial / Residential Security

ISL's face recognition solution is an effective and affordable tool to identify known perpetrators entering into the facility before they can cause any mishap. ISL's face recognition solution is also an excellent tool to stop unauthorised person from getting into the facility, the system authorises entry of only those individuals whose faces are present in the database thereby enhancing the security of selected areas in the facility.

Facial Recognition Control Room
Facial Recognition Server Room


With ISL's face recognition solution you can enhance the security and reduce the losses due to shoplifting, customer scams and employee theft in an affordable way. The system can send descriptive alerts when pre-identifi¬ed personnel such as shoplifters, maintained in the database, walk through any door at any store across multiple locations. ISL's face recognition solution can be effectively utilised as a marketing tool which is capable of categorizing visitors by age (in 10 years bracket), sex and race thereby helping the store to understand the demographics of the customers visiting the store. The system can also identify a frequent customer and give details of the shopping trend which he/she has followed in the past visit. This helps the retailer to create an unforgettable customer experience and also in increasing sales of the store.

Law Enforcement

ISL's face recognition solution gives the law enforcement agencies the ability to enhance their identifi¬cation and apprehension of known criminals. The system can help the agencies in identifying per-identi¬fied criminal on a real time basis thereby helping them in providing seamless security in public places with heavy footfall. It would also enable preempting a crime thereby stopping it from happening by its sheer ability to identify miscreants presence in an area and thus ensure catching of known criminals.

Mobile Application

ISL's face recognition solution is being offered in conjunction with 'Eyewatch' a Mobile Application which can be downloaded on smartphones and thereafter can be effectively utilised for seamless operation on field.

Advantages of ISL's face recognition solution

  • Easily deployable across hundreds of locations
  • Identifies multiple faces in live video stream
  • Instantly compares faces to internally built database
  • Detection thresholds can be set
  • Suspect Scan
  • Instantly delivers photo of the match along with all database information
  • Routes alerts to any mobile automatically via SMS and emails

Following modules are available as part of ISL's face recognition solution

  • Live Scan
  • Photo Scan
  • Time Attendance
  • Visitor Management
  • Face Count
  • Digital Signage
  • Marketing
  • Access Control

Applications of ISL's face recognition solution

  • Visitor Management
  • Time Attendance
  • Face Counting
  • Digital Signage
  • Suspect Scan
  • Marketing
  • Access Control
  • Surveillance
  • Monitoring
  • Access Control