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ISL provides complete Drone Solution. We have vast experience generated from years of expertise in military,commercial, and private applications. We combine these experiences to develop efficient drone solutions. Solar farm Incpections, Wind turbine inspections, Survelliance drones, Emergrncy response Drone, Medical Drones, Anti Drones - We have them all.


DroneNet is an advance system which integrates several technologies such as Drones/FRS/Eyewatch to help the victims in case of emergency. It works as follows:

  • In any Emergency click the Eyewatch SOS for Women Button to raise an Alert
  • Audio & Video/Location is send to the police control room.
  • Nearest Drone will automatically reach your Location.
  • FRS will recognize the victim and offenders.
  • Audio & Video/Location is send to the Nearest Responder
  • Video Link from the Police control room is projected on a surface to warn the offenders


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Search and Rescue

A search and rescue drone is an unmanned aircraft used by emergency services, such as police officers, firefighters or volunteer rescue teams, ideal for searching over vast areas for missing persons and crime victims in need of rescue and in any environment. UAVs can provide real-time visual information and data in the aftermath of an earthquake or hurricane.

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Firefighting drone is capable to overcome limits of traditional firefighting. It can quickly reach great heights and endure heat in close distance. Drones coupled with a hose pipe can extinguish the fire. The small size of drones allow surveillance of spaces that are inaccessible. Thermal Cameras can see through smoke. CO2 canisters can also be deployed.

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Damage Assessments

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are useful for disaster response, recovery, and mitigation, providing imagery and information on real-time conditions and situational awareness for first responders and emergency managers. UAS can be equipped with sensors to detect body heat, and sound, and can be flown inside or outside damaged buildings.

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Railways and Roads

With growing industrial development and increasing population, the role of railways in transportation is going to be crucial.This could be the premise that encourages governments to explore the various solutions that could be achieved using UAVs. The solution includes data capturing using UAVs and data analytics to derive insights about the project.

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Leak Detection

What our drones can do to help Industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas, construction,communications, and utilities must carry out regular inspections of their equipment to ensure it is in safe working order. Human inspections can only go so far as people are often limited when it comes to heights or confined spaces.

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Powerline Stringing

Line pulling as a job involves great danger. Transmission line workers, everywhere in the world put their lives at risk every time they go out for repairing old lines or laying out new ones. However, with our Drone technology this operation can be done with ease leading to significant cost benefits and improved security, in contrast to conventional systems.

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Terrain Mapping

Our drone mapping platform is a professional tool that allows mappers to collect unlimited aerial data and precise measurements, while saving time, money and manpower. We provide scheduled aerial data collection, analytics capabilities to support critical processes such as volume measurements, terrain mapping, site planning etc.

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Our Drone are used for sprinkling the pesticides in the specific area with accurate location & quantity. The crop growth estimate can be taken accurately. This will help to get correct crop insurance. The farmers will be compensated in correct price. Even at the time of loss, accurate data will be available by use of drone.

Inspection Drones

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Solar Inspection

Solar panel fields, like any other artificial infrastructure objects, require periodical inspections. Usually photovoltaic (PV) solar panel field inspection requires use of two sensors - infrared (IR) and daylight cameras, to detect faulty panels which heat up because of connection issues, physical damage or debris. Drone equipped with thermal camera is the best choice for solar panel field inspection, as in most cases it saves costs compared to manned aviation and saves time compared to visual control with handheld IR camera.

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Wind Turbine Inspection

Wind turbines provide a clean way to generate electricity. However, a wind turbine is a sophisticated and expensive device, often costing millions. The owners of these devices need them to be running at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime.We provide an economic, reliable and safe solution for wind turbine blade inspection using UAV’s. Our inspection techniques provides High Definition videos and Ultra high resolution imagery of the blade which previously was only achievable by rope climbing maintenance team.

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Transmission Lines Inspection

Companies dealing in Electric utility items are considering drones as one of the most efficient as well as safe alternatives for traditional inspection work of electric utility. Drones in many cases are now eliminating application of highly-skilled linemen with expensive onsite equipment. Infrastructure always plays a responsible role towards ensuring quality operation for businesses and households. It is mandatory to make sure that infrastructure is always in perfect condition. Our drones achive just this.