Armtrac 20T Robot is a flexible, cost effective fully remote controlled Small (Heavy) Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). It has a 40 HP diesel water cooled Isuzu engine which has a radiator reversing fan to prevent the engine from overheating in dusty conditions the engine is also capable of giving a forward and reverse speed of 07 km/hr and can operate for several hours continuously without refuelling. It can be fitted with a variety of toolkits including a demining flail and rear excavator equipped with different attachments.

Armtrac 20T Robot

Key Features:

  • Has heavy duty rubber tracks producing a ground bearing pressure of 3 psi but can be fitted with wider tracks for softer terrain.
  • Can climb, descend and traverse 45° slopes & deep gullies.
  • UGV itself weighs 1150 Kg.
  • Remotely operated using a control station.
  • Can be fitted with video feedback from up to two on board cameras.
  • Has 1.5 mtr wide flail tool (440 Kg) which spins at 400 RPM and consists of 33 hammers and chains which can achieve clearance depths down to 150 mm depth or 200 mm in softer soil.

Hydraulic Backhoe Excavator can be fitted onto the rear of the Armtrac 20T using a quick hitch system wherein the backhoe can attach a Grapple or a Manipulator Grab for investigating suspected EO or moving EO up to 180 Kg to a safer location for further investigation or render safe procedures.

In C-IED operations, a portable X-Ray machine can be mounted on the front and an IED disruptor can be fitted on the rear arm. When fitted with a portable, real-time x-ray scanning system, the Armtrac 20T is capable of examining the inside of vehicles, including inside their boots and bonnets, remotely. The Robot can place the x-ray generator and the detector panel over the top of parked cars allowing the operator to identify a potential threat from a safe distance during route and other clearance operations. All hydraulic hoses and couplings are internationally common and as such the machine is easy to run and maintain worldwide.

Armtrac 20T Robot
Armtrac 20T Robot

The Armtrac 20T Robot is capable of performing the following roles:

Conventional Demining & EO Clearance Operations

Armtrac 20T Robot
  • Technical Survey and EO Reconnaissance.
  • Area Reduction
  • Mechanical clearance where there is restricted access for larger mechanical equipment.
  • Vegetation Cutting prior to manual demining.
  • Small clearance operations.

Counter-IED Operations

Armtrac 20T Robot
  • Support to C-IED operations
  • Support to Route Clearance operations
  • Surface/Sub-surface IED Disposal
  • Mechanical Surrogate Scout for Dismounted Foot Patrols