Anti Drones

All-in-one counter-drone solutions that allow the operator to detect, identify, and mitigate drones in one fell swoop are superior in their simplicity and integration. Combining multiple technologies for detection, identification, and mitigation introduces product interactions and potential points of failure



Counter-drone technology has already seen extensive use in certain applications. On the battlefield, C-UAS systems have so far most commonly been used for base protection, complementing existing weapons such as counter-mortar systems and surveillance platforms. There is also growing interest in portable and mobile systems that could be used to protect ground units and convoys. In civilian environments, counter-drone technology has so far primarily been used for airspace protection at airports, security during large events such as party conventions and sports games, VIP protection, and counter-smuggling operations at prisons. Common applications include airspace defense around sensitive facilities, port security, maritime security, and personal use over private property.


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Manpack Detection System
Range: 500 – 1000 Mtrs
Detection: Multiple Drones & RCs
Technology: Advance Passive RF
Battery: > 4Hrs
Weight: < 13kgs
Environment: Mil-Grade Standard
Special: Dual Mode Operation

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Manpack Drone Slaye
Directional: 1.5~2Kms
All Round: 500-800m
Frequency: 5 or More bands
Power: 2 Hours using Battery
Weight: ~13Kgs
Safety: Radiation Hazard

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Manpack Drone Slayer
Directional : 1.5~2KM
All Round : 500-800M Against
Multiple Drones
Frequency : 3 or more bands
Power : 2 hr using Battery.
Unlimited duration using AC
Weight : ~10Kg
Safety : Radiation Hazard Certified

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Handheld Drone Slayer
Rangel: Up to 1Km
Frequency: Selectable 3 bands
Battery: > 1 Hours
Weight: < 3Kgs
Display: Built in Compas