Indianeye Security Pvt. Ltd. (ISL) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It was setup with the objective of assisting the government, companies and individuals to tackle the challenges being faced in the current national & global security environment and has grown to include smart technology based solutions, which are in a position to make the future smart cities more viable. Our collaboration with leading global players brings together over 03 decades of in-depth and vast experiences in the field of security across a wide spectrum of activities. Our solutions for e-governance, access control, personal safety, monitoring, etc, use technologies like face recognition, voice recognition and different mobile platform based applications. The company also delivers comprehensive solutions for reducing crime in cities combining advanced technology with specialist training of security forces, which is internationally certified and recognized. ISL also delivers bespoke training to police forces, industry and individuals.



  • Provide bespoke training in the realm of security – from unarmed training for women safety to security guard training and beyond. As on date we have trained more than 2000 personnel of State forces.
  • Provision of International Certification in Unarmed Guarding by Industry Qualifications (IQ), UK. We are the first IQ approved center in India.
  • Workshops on Designing of Secure Buildings. We have collaborated with Haines Security Solutions, USA, for delivery of workshops on designing of secure buildings.

Mobile Safety Application

  • Personal safety (Blackbox, Eyewatch Pro)
  • Women safety (Shakti 1090)
  • Safety of financial institutes/ banks (Tatpar)
  • Safety of students (VTU Safe Campus)


  • Training simulators such as SAAB Agile Tactical Engagement Simulation (ATES) , X-Ray Baggage Scanning Simulators (ICTS).
  • Safety/Security Solutions based on Face/Voice Recognition platform
  • Innovative Safety/Security Products such as Rail System for AK Series, De-mining Robots, Red Dot Sights,Fire Safety & Rescue Equipment etc.